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 Sage Recovery helps to recover objects that were looted during the Nazi regime and increase public awareness about this subject.

Holocaust-era looted art is an important issue for people searching for lost items, museums and the art trade. Sage Recovery can help those investigating this subject.
Our services include:

Research and recovery of looted art for both individuals and institutions
Sage Recovery works with families, museums and government agencies to help find and recover objects that were looted during World War II and to trace the provenance of objects with gaps in their ownership history.

Digitisation of records pertaining to Nazi looting
There is an overwhelming amount of information about Nazi looting, but records are scattered all over the world and not everyone has access to them. Digitising these records and posting them online will help to ensure that they are widely available.We have recently made the OSS ALIU 'Red Flag' list of organisations active in the art trade under the Nazis available online.

Education and awareness of Nazi spoliation
Sage Recovery promotes awareness of this issue by providing background information, relevant publications and online resources. In addition to posting information about essential resources, Sage will also keep you up to date by listing the latest news stories about Nazi looted art.

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Featured Artwork
Egon Schiele, Autumn Sun, 1914

Egon Schiele, Autumn SunEgon Schiele’s Autumn Sun depicts sunflowers that were deprived of natural light. This painting is influenced by Vincent van Gogh’s famous sunflower paintings, but instead of being a symbol of hope, Schiele’s version is more somber, portraying a sense of death and decay, which resonates with the mood in Austria before World War I.

This painting is considered to be one of Schiele’s masterpieces, but its whereabouts was unknown for 64 years. It was rediscovered in 2005 and was sold at auction for £11.7 million. Find out more about the circumstances of looting.






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